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In Edmonton you can expect to experience some of Canada's finest foods, most amazing accommodations, super shopping centres, and the warmest and friendliest folks you'll ever encounter...anywhere!


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Don’t worry about where to stay, we make that easy too. With hotel coupons and special offers to suit every budget you can choose to surround yourself in five star luxury or you can seek out a bed-n-breakfast offering all the comforts at a discount price. Regardless of your taste or budget we’ll help you find the perfect accommodations for you at

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We work with Edmonton based individuals and businesses in the travel, tourism, hospitality, education, real estate, relocation, destination management, event management and entertainment industries to assist them in promoting their products and services to a wider market. Our goal is to stimulate economic interest development and investment in the City and to promote Edmonton, and the Province of Alberta as a wonderful place to visit, work, meet up, or live. forges strategic partnerships with a variety of local businesses allowing us to provide you with a variety of coupons, reduced pricing and a host of incentivized offers designed to promote the services of local hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, events and an array of other locally owned and crafted products and services.

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