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DestinationEdmonton.com works with individuals and organizations involved in the travel tourism and destination marketing industries in Edmonton, Alberta and in a variety of cities, provinces, states and districts throughout North America

Developed by the Destination Marketing Group, Destination Edmonton was created for the purposes of encouraging the world to visit and explore the greatest nation on earth, Canada, and her many provinces. We attempt to accomplish this goal through the provision of tourism related information and the distribution of promotional offerings designed to encourage visitations on behalf of third parties with business interests in Canada’s travel & tourism, trade show & convention and hospitality sectors.

The Destination Marketing Group, a distinctly unique online media company, provides destination management and marketing services in strategically selected markets throughout North America and the world. The Company is in the business of developing city specific websites utilizing an unparalleled collection of geo-specific domain names targeting major metropolitan centers and popular tourist destinations. By drilling down into distinct geographic markets the Company addresses the ever increasing demand from consumers for improved access to relevant localized content and the need of advertisers to have access to highly targeted and pre-qualified audiences.

Based on the number of cities within our network, the Destination Marketing Group is one of very few companies capable of developing a comprehensive web of virtual communities that mirrors the uniqueness and vibrancy of each destination. Using our services and technology, every business ranging from single-location establishments to national chains and multinational corporations is able to establish a local market presence quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Through their participation with the Company our clients are able to tailor their marketing plans to focus on one or more of the many geographic markets targeted by the e-commerce-enabled websites of the Company.

The scope of our network, the targeted nature of our site content and traffic, and the simple, scalable, and click fraud free advertising solutions we provide, make the Destination Marketing Group a logical choice for electronic marketers.

By way of Destination Edmonton the Company provides prospective visitors to Edmonton with city specific information, and presents them with incentivized offers designed to help them plan and enjoy visits to a wide variety of Edmonton based businesses. With offers promoting the best goods and services found in each of Canada’s distinct cities, the company allows prospective visitors to arrange their visits by tailoring them specifically to suit their tastes and desires depending upon the cities they plan to visit and the activities they wish to partake in upon their arrival there. Providing information and incentives on transportation, dining, lodging, admission to attractions, to sight seeing and adventure tours, golf, skiing, bowling, sports entertainment, concerts and a wide variety of other leisure activities and venues all across Canada, the company works to connect visitors and businesses to their mutual benefit.

If you operate a business that relies upon the revenues generated by visitations to Edmonton contact Destination Edmonton today to learn how we can assist you in promoting your business to the world. Why advertise with us you ask?

Competitive Advantages

The Destination Marketing Group enjoys and will maintain a number of technical and competitive advantages over other on-line service providers in our market for a number of reasons:

Our Domain Names
The Destination Marketing Group enjoys the exclusive right to use an unparalleled collection of city centric and geo specific domain names such as DestinationEdmonton.com, DestinationHawaii.com, DestinationVancouver.com, DestinationLasVegas.com and DestinationPalmSprings.com just to name a few. The fact that the company enjoys control over these and many other domain names precludes them being used by our competitors. Our portfolio, laden with domain names associated with and targeting virtually every major city in North America is considered to be among the best of its kind in the world. Considering today’s Internet growth rate, the public’s increasing reliance on the medium as a means of accessing information and a corresponding scarcity and demand for quality Internet domain names; we see ourselves as being well positioned to cater to the travel and tourism markets and believe that it would be impossible for any other company to build a portfolio of domain names equivalent to the ones we have been been able to acquire over the past twenty years which we will employ in building our network.

Local Search
Local search is the hottest trend on the Internet today and geo-domains are at the root of that trend. Close to 60% of Internet users claim to target their searches using geographic keywords.

A Low-Cost, Low Margin Cost Advantage
The Destination Marketing Group offers advertisers a lower and simpler pricing structure than our competition. The fact that we offer flat rate advertising packages as opposed to pay per click or pay per action advertising services not only allows our advertisers to better manage their marketing budgets by saving them money, it eliminates the possibility of click fraud. Click fraud is the single biggest threat to incentivized advertising campaigns. Further, affiliates wishing to license our technology will enjoy low up-front costs since they will not have to invest in extensive hardware, infrastructure and development costs in order to have a dynamic web presence.

Search Engine Prioritization
We are certain to receive a high ranking and retrieval frequency by search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, which use complex algorithms to prioritize the provision of information to their users. While their algorithms are proprietary and changing it is widely known that the major search engines consider contributing factors such as keywords, contextual relevance, content, links, and site usage to determine where a website will be ranked in their directories. These factors all favor the Company. Our domains are keyword laden, our content is inherently and contextually relevant, and the foundation for a linking strategy exists in the websites themselves which we can connect with one another as we deploy them. Considering these factors and the experience that management brings in the area of Internet search our websites should be well represented and prioritized in search engine indexes.

Inherent Traffic
There are three ways a website can attract visitors; from a search engine referral, from a link on an external website, and by way of direct navigation. Direct navigation is a method of search in which the surfer simply types the name of the site they wish to go to directly into their search address bar and by pressing “enter” they are referred directly to their intended destination. The domain names controlled by the Company already receive a significant number of visitations by way of direct navigation providing the Company with an ongoing competitive advantage which can not be duplicated. By developing these domain names into fully functioning websites the Company plans to leverage and grow this naturally occurring stream of traffic.

The Company is dedicated to being superior in every aspect of our business. From our simple corporate structure designed to respect and reward stewards of the Company’s interests, to the planned execution of our business model which calls for it to be the best solution of it’s kind on the market the Company will offer one level of service; excellent. We will promote the interests of those who uphold the Company’s Values and Principles and remove those that fail. Third party advertisers will be hand selected, and these relationships nurtured and grown. This is a far cry from existing advertising models which use technology to populate pages with pay per click ads and leave it up to the consumer to determine whether or not the ads are legitimate, fraudulent, or if in fact they are even relevant to them. Every product offered by the Company will be unconditionally guaranteed by the Company.

All matters relating to the security of our infrastructure and the information it contains are overseen and regulated by the Company in conjunction with well respected, industry leading, third parties.

Ease of Use
Internet users typically have to learn to use various systems to navigate through different websites in order to access information. With the Destination Marketing Group users will only have to familiarize themselves with one product. The common look and feel employed across our network provides consistency and a clear roadmap for customers to navigate to their preferred area of service. This consistent approach separates our services from those offered by most others minimizing the possibility that our customers will become lost, frustrated or confused.

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